I can’t find my access card. What do I do?

If you have simply forgotten your access card at home, please take an hourly ticket to enter the parkade, then press the “help” button or call onsite assistance at (902) 222-8851 when you exit. A staff member will confirm you are an authorized monthly parker, then lift the gate so that you can exit the parkade for the day.
If your card is missing and you need to be issued a new access card, please contact our office by email at parking@metropark.ca or by telephone at (902) 429-3743 and let us know. We will prepare a replacement card, which costs $15 + HST. We will also ask for written confirmation that we can have this fee added to your next pre-authorized monthly payment. After we receive confirmation, you can pick up the replacement card at our office, located at 1226 Hollis Street.